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Michelle Caplan

Michelle Caplan

Michelle Caplan’s work has been a personal favourite of mine ever since I came across her website a few months ago. Her work is a beautiful combination of collage and assemblages and her work is mostly inspired by old, vintage photographs and things she has found from flea markets and bargain sales. She finds these old photos and the people in them are the inspiration. What makes her work so special is how  she creates her own story for them and for what she thinks they were like or what type of life they may have lived.

Her work is based on forgotten history and it is up to her imagination to create a story about a person in the photograph. She believes that they eyes tell a great deal and that there are endless possibilities which is what makes her work so interesting and inventive.

Michelle uses a lot of different media in her work such as photographs, fabric swatches, newspaper clippings and other ephemera.

“[She is] always so struck by how sad it is that a families memories end up in someone else’s hands.”

Those images are precious to her and she can’t imagine her family photographs in a box for strangers to rummage around. She combines her passion for family history and often makes pieces on commission.

In an article for Real Simple (November 2007) she talks about how she can spend hours seeking good photographs because old snapshots are plagued by sunspots, fingers on the lenses, double exposures or the takers own shadow. She picks ones of people you think you would like to know.

To me, the collage captures her personality, the true essence of her life”


Michelle believes her portraits bring life to photographic history, each piece with its own narrative; trying to tell the story of the person behind the image. It can provide a link to the families past and provide a visual legacy for the future.

“A piece can capture a point in time in the ever changing life of a child, or evoke the memory of a beloved relative long past”

Her work has inspired my own by looking into my family history and learning more about my late relatives in the process. I feel I have the same passion as Caplan does for old photographs rich with history and narratives. I have experimented with different types of collage in the process each which reflect a different person, time or event.


For more information on the artist featured here please visit:

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a trip home 9/4/2013

Hello all :)

Last week I visited my Mumsie back home and thought I would capture our adventure through the rocks to see a small shipwrecked boat. I also thought I would try out my new tiltshift lens :)



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Digital media development LO2 part 11

a continuation to the developmental sketchbook of my digital media


here i chose a textiles piece i sketched up to use as the potential background and the self portrait of myself which is slightly demonic.

 I used the lighten layer from the selection available under the layers box. I really like the effect it has managed to achieve here with a soft hippy floral feel. I really like how the portrait has morphed into the flowers but has remained the focal point.

  This was done by using the vivid light from the layers selections as well. unfortunately this one was not so successful – too dark and the reds have been over-used; it is also quite hard to make out the portrait because of the high contrast.

 taken from the above vivid light i decided to improve it somehow and lighten the high contrast. Therefore i used reticulation fond under the filter gallery within the sketch section. This has vastly improved the image as the portrait is more noticeable and the red is softer.

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sketchbook randoms

well i know i have been promising you little pieces i have done over the past few weeks and although it was late i have kept to my promise!

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so i hope you enjoy having a peek into my skethbook and i shall do section on my art journal soon :) yes i am allowing you to delve into my private life!!


bye for now lovelies





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