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Digital media development LO2 part 10

continuation of the digital media sketchbook development stage.


for this i decided to take a mixed media piece to be used hopefully as the background and a self portrait.

 once again like many of  my other works throughout this project the familiar difference tool was the first to be experimented with. the balance of light and dark around the detail of the image has worked to perfection here and i love how the portrait has positioned itself to the centre of the image immediately making it the focal point.

 I then used the exclusion tool from the layers selection so that i could bring the image from the highly saturated and bright colours above in the difference image to a more mellow creation which still manages to focus on where the prominently bright colours are placed. Taken from this exclusion i worked on it further by using the gradient map tool in the below image: -

 this almost replicates a screen print and the orange/purple gradient tint work perfectly together. very vibrant and bright.

 the overlay tool taken from the layers section was chosen here. The image is very dark around the background which helps bring focus to the slightly lighter portrait but unfortunately it is too dark and shows little detail. i then took this overlay image further by using the gradient map tool to the below images: -

  gr -1        gr -2

gr -1 is very much abstract but i find the blue to be very overpowering and takes over the full image. yet i do like how the portrait overlaps the entire image i am just not keen on the lack of detail around the background structure. Gr -2 is has a similar effect as the previous image with the lack of detail but i also think that the orange takes over the overall image and well hurts my eyes (the only way i am able to describe this).

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