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Digital media development LO2 part 13

continuation of my digital media sketchbook


here i chose a still life pencil sketch to use for a background and a male gothic portrait.

 As you can see i have rotated the still life pencil sketch to portrait in order to fit the gothic portrait. I then used the screen effect from the layers options of which has made the portrait look as though it is being warped into vegetable. I also like the opposite effects between warm colours and greyscale background.

  I then went on to use the gradient map on top of the ‘screen’ image. The use of only two colours (orange and purple) has given a very low opacity giving an almost ghostly effect. I also feel that the portrait has become to look like the joker from batman due to the cabbage’s detail around the mouth and the demonism of his eyes.

 I then changed the contrast of the previous image above to very high. It has made the image very bright and i find this brightness too overpowering and painful to the eyes; although the shading around the background and on the vegetables have been made more prominent.

   This one has been made by the original ‘screen’ image using a different tone of colours from the gradient map tool. the portrait no longer looks demonic or like the joker from batman and instead the portrait has been morphed almost completely into the vegetables – of which is a nice effect but the portrait is now no longer identifiable that unfortunately goes against my initial project brief.


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Ooops another sketchbook random


So my last blog post for tonight (i promise) and thought I would quickly show you another piece that I have just done using a magazine base and also Indian inks

So bed for moi and I wish you all a good night 

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