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Digital media development LO2 part 7

continuation to my sketchbook part 7


the image above was done as a mono print plant as was the nude. Both were later manipulated using a number of techniques.

 this image here was made using the chalk and charcoal tool within the sketch box of the filter gallery. i love the monotone shades mixed with a bright pink around the outlines of the figure.

  this was created using the difference tool of the layers selection. This is another tool that I am beginning to adore mainly because of the wonderful colours it is able to bring out in an image just like it has on here. the red and greens really stand out against the light brown shading of the backdrop to the nude making the nude the focal point.

 this is also taken from the layers section and is called ‘screen’. I have never used this layer technique before and i have to say it is basically a lighter version of the ‘multiply’ technique which is also found in the layers selection. I think this technique has worked wonderfully with the alignment of these images together. I chose to experiment with the ‘screen’ image further with gradient filter shown below.

  with this one i chose the brown tint for the gradient map tool. it gives the image an overall spooky look and i also like the fact that you are able to make out the detail of the plant yet the nude is still the focal point.

   gr -2      gr -3

both of these creations above were used with an orange and purple gradient map tint. Both images work well together and the colours do not overpower each other.

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Creative process part one complete

So I have finally finished the ‘peace’ part of the creative process and it is 9:30pm with still a further eight paintings to go!

So here are the final three of peace:


Watercolours, biro ink and white acrylics on cartridge paper.


Acrylics and charcoal on mono print.


Quink ink and bleach with acrylics.

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Quick Update

Just a quick update for you all on what i am currently doing. i have recently become a friend and volunteer for Peacock Visual Arts of which is a small community printmaking gallery based in Aberdeen. if you would like to have a look at the prints they display and what is going on at the moment then just visit for more information and also for if you would like to become a member also.


i am also taking part in their Winter Exhibition later on this year in December so i am wondering whether to use a piece of art work from my course or to create something brand new. - this is the link for more information on applying for the event.

i am looking forward to going back to college next week although i have no idea how i will cope with the homework as well as working six days a week…it may result in me leaving my job for a year to focus on my studies. Along with returning to college my journal is bulging with ideas as well as my many scrapbooks i have created.

I will continue to keep you updated with any latest events and also my work :D


oooo P.S a few people have been asking why my art work on here has been displayed as a slideshow; well the answer is because of copyright.


thankyou and i hope you all have a nice day :)

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