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Katarzyna Gajewska’s portraits

I came across a collection of portraits by Katarzyna Gajewska. I find them incredibly mesmerizing, chaotic and beautiful.

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Here is her artist statement where she describes her process:

‘My painting process is something between my dreams and documentation. My art is situated in the middle;  not in the realistic and not in the abstract, in popular meaning. I am looking for human simplicity and complexity in the same way. I am trying to catch the casual feelings, naked and defenceless in their realism, and then with understanding and patience I start to build portraits.

My portraits are like multilayered cocoons, profoundly intimate, sexual or innocent. Psychological topography; still glances, crucial in their expression are uncovered in layers of my paint. Bold, rich and dramatic faces are like language; pulsing and inspiring. My portraits are my form of communication. For me no subject is sacred. The role of provocative feelings, persuasion, as well as the human impulse to beautify compels my works of art.

I don’t use any tools besides my hands – to be closer. I could say that my art is a first hand emotion – and that’s why I am painting only with my hands. It allows me to make close ups much deeper than they really are. I love using extreme zooming in – in life and in my paintings. My inspirations are deeply rooted in myself. I’m trying to search for inspiration every day: To reach for the deep feelings hidden below the surface of appearances, to pull them out from behind the window pane. It is a permanent record of fleeting sensations. This release from naturalism is a real struggle between the forces of creation and destruction.’

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the final 6 – digital media

please enjoy the slideshow of the final 6 images i selected from my digital media sketchbook. i hope you have enjoyed following my progress.


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Digital media LO2 development part 3

Just a continuation of the previous development process for my digital media project.


Here I chose a background image of a ruined interior made using glue and acrylics on an apron surface which then has the portrait layered on top.

 from the layers list i chose the ‘difference’ option and the result came back quite futuristic as the furniture has morphed into the portraits facial features seems almost robotic. The shading is quite dark but are still able to have the number of colours stand out.

 also from the layers list i chose ‘colour burn’. This unfortunately was not so successful; the furniture has morphed into portrait and shaped it well but to another viewers eye they would not be able to make out that there are additional objects surrounding the image.

For the next images to be shown below I decided to only manipulated the furniture. Not part of the original subject matter but there is nothing wrong with a little experimentation I suppose: -

 this has been transformed using the gradient map tool with a blue and yellow tint. It helps make the image more abstract and the yellow is quite overpowering therefore stands to attention.

 taken from the filter gallery ‘graphic pen’ tool taken from the sketch options. I really like the old style red colouring the graphic pen tool created and the detail of the burnt furniture has helped to give a rustic feel to this.

Once all of my developments have been uploaded I shall revisit the works I made and develop them further if i feel i could improve them more.

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My previous work to use within the digital media project

Here are the chosen pieces of my own art work to use within the digital media project. As my project is on portraiture there is a selection of my painted and sketched portraits (faces and nudes) with the backgrounds to be around other works displayed below.

To followers you will have seen a large amount of these images before but i have uploaded them again as well as some new additions so you can view an initial preview of what to expect next

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Another addition to the digital media inspiration front

Whilst searching through other WordPress blogs i cam across an artist with similar manipulation ideas as myself. He is called Pavel Rehurek (the link to his blog

  Summer Games

I love how this is still portrayed around portraiture but based on the dancers and how their costumes are mixing with the colour palette of their surroundings.

 Spring Flashback

now this image is definitely the kind of manipulated fine art digital piece that i am hoping to achieve for this project. You can still clearly see that their is a portrait of a lady there smothered by whats seems to be printed textiles which look as though they have been filtered with the ‘cutout’ tool.

  Library People

this image Rehurek has created is fantastically camouflaged and really gets your brain thinking as to whether is that a man standing there? do i see a backpack? It really tests the viewers mind.

  Bridge in Stanley Park

this piece has a feel of Fauvism to it and is very eye-catching with it’s bold and bright palette. The image is slightly abstract as well and i am unable to make out whether they are cars or a reflection in the far left hand corner.


his work is astonishing and if you look through his portfolio you can clearly see that his talents lay in many areas :)

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a little more to my sketchbook randoms

continuing from my previous post I am adding a few more images from my sketchbook randoms all for your viewing pleasures

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enjoy everyone :)


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sketchbook randoms

well i know i have been promising you little pieces i have done over the past few weeks and although it was late i have kept to my promise!

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so i hope you enjoy having a peek into my skethbook and i shall do section on my art journal soon :) yes i am allowing you to delve into my private life!!


bye for now lovelies





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