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Fabien Nissels

I came across the works of Swiss Photographer Fabien Nissels. Unfortunately there is not a lot of info about him throughout the internet world yet his works have caused a storm with everyday activities hilarity.

enjoy :)

5955_516887581690743_1107432023_n 40841_516887585024076_8887913_n 64152_516887535024081_2002997397_n 305969_516887545024080_1846810326_n 536841_516887611690740_1497929619_n 543970_516887465024088_87098340_n 

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a trip home 9/4/2013

Hello all :)

Last week I visited my Mumsie back home and thought I would capture our adventure through the rocks to see a small shipwrecked boat. I also thought I would try out my new tiltshift lens :)



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After the Storm

On the 24th of August 2012 Aberdeen we endured a horrific storm (well in my frightened case I class the storm as horrific). The worst hit spot was unfortunately Footdee, swamped with foam, flooding, flying bins and roads smothered in trees.

Therefore I took the liberty of taking photo’s of the after effects:

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Digital media LO2 development part 4

part four of my continuation with the development of the digital media project.


for this I chose the flowers for the background and a nude portrait to become the main image.

 now this was created by using the exclusion tool from the layers option. It has given the image a ghostly effect and the flowers almost replicate curtains covering up the nude as though to privatize her body.

I then took this ‘exclusion’ picture further by using gradient map filter to hopefully give the image a more artistic flare.

  gr -1      gr -2

Now the above images have been created using the same gradient tint of orange and purple. Gr -1 is slightly more abstract and the nude is not as noticeable because with the textures of the flowers and the use of a bright orange it looks as though you are staring at a nicely lit fire in a grande fireplace. Gr -2 however i feel has worked more successfully; the image has a darker quality around the nude figure so it is more prominent to a viewers eye yet it still has the depiction of fire due to the petals of the flowers.

  here i took a different approach from the original paintings and used the difference tool of the layers selection. The detail of this piece is more noticeable and is strong on both the flower and the female form; also the dark colours against the light purples and blues of her figure gives a nice contrast.

 gr -1     gr -2

 gr -3

once again I used the gradient map tool (I am becoming very fond of this tool) to manipulate the ‘difference’ image further and all three developments from this have turned out perfect.

gr -1:- the nude almost looks like damaged goods due to the effects of the different shades of yellow like a sculpture that is falling apart.

gr -2:- the contrast of cool and warm colours work beautifully together and give a dark and mysterious look to the female nude laying down.

gr -3:- out of the three I think this one is the most successful because of the strong and bright colours. The fact that the background is lighter then the subject matter helps to make the nude portrait the focal point of which is what i was aiming for throughout this project.

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a look at my years at college of photography

here is a collection of work i did during my two years at college…i shall admit these are not the best of my abilities as these were from my first year

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also i have just received information that may just be taking part in the Aberdeen market with my own stall…a perfect way to promote myself :)



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a collection of oldies

here are another collection of oldies within my younger years. sheep and pigs taken in troup head, gamrie. these can be viewed properly on and also feel free to comment on my images.

enjoy :)

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