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Pam Glew

Born in 1978, Pam Glew is a contemporary artist who is best known for her unique bleaching technique on national flags. She uses dye and bleach to deconstruct and distress vintage materials in her own breed of painting.

Heavily inspired by film, her strong cinematic paintings often reference contemporary culture with portraits of contemporary faces and the artist herself. By painting directly onto vintage textiles with bleach and dye, the artist plays with our notion of culture of heritage, a sense of belonging, or estrangement from our countries. Personal experience is referenced in the works, including motherhood in the edition series ‘Out of the Water’.

Vintage flags, brocade and antique American quilts provide a unique surface to paint on. By dyeing the fabric black and painting freehand with bleach, the portrait slowly develops in the painting process. The fabric is bleached many times to create contrast and the material is washed each time to remove the chemicals. The result is a ghostly timeless image, which emerges from the cloth.

Glew has exhibited in numerous urban, traditional and site-specific exhibitions, alongside such artists as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Peter Blake. As a British artist she has shown widely in the UK and showcased in Paris, Amsterdam, LA, Korea, Cologne, Dallas and Sydney in 100 group exhibitions and 6 major solo shows. Previous solo exhibitions include Beautiful & Damned London, 2011, Circus London, 2010 and Luminaries Sydney, 2010. Her work continues to be collected by art buyers worldwide and commissioned by large brands and individuals.

Pam continues to exhibit in numerous charity exhibitions and supports causes including Teenage Cancer Trust, Big Issue and MTV Staying Alive Foundation. She has produced commissions for brands including Armani, Ralph Lauren and Mitsubishi Bank. Collaborations include Terry O’Neill and Bill Wyman’s documentary photography of the Rolling Stones.

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Digital media development LO2 part 5

continuation of the digital media developmental sketchbook.


here i chose a mixed media piece based on tear drops and a portrait I made of an African dancer.

 for all of the following images i played around with the layer tools. I used multiply for this one and it creates a nice texture around the face but unfortunately is too dark and are unable to see the beautiful bright blues of the tears.

  I then used vivid light from the layers options to brighten it up slightly from the above multiply image. It is slightly over saturated and highly contrasted but i am still able to see the face as well as the over-sized teardrops; only problem is the background is very dark and gives the image a gloomy feeling.

 i then used the difference tool from the layers options and out of all three developments this has been the most successful. The image is full of colour and the portrait has merged nicely into the large teardrops giving a slightly abstract look to it.

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Another addition to the digital media inspiration front

Whilst searching through other WordPress blogs i cam across an artist with similar manipulation ideas as myself. He is called Pavel Rehurek (the link to his blog

  Summer Games

I love how this is still portrayed around portraiture but based on the dancers and how their costumes are mixing with the colour palette of their surroundings.

 Spring Flashback

now this image is definitely the kind of manipulated fine art digital piece that i am hoping to achieve for this project. You can still clearly see that their is a portrait of a lady there smothered by whats seems to be printed textiles which look as though they have been filtered with the ‘cutout’ tool.

  Library People

this image Rehurek has created is fantastically camouflaged and really gets your brain thinking as to whether is that a man standing there? do i see a backpack? It really tests the viewers mind.

  Bridge in Stanley Park

this piece has a feel of Fauvism to it and is very eye-catching with it’s bold and bright palette. The image is slightly abstract as well and i am unable to make out whether they are cars or a reflection in the far left hand corner.


his work is astonishing and if you look through his portfolio you can clearly see that his talents lay in many areas :)

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Creative process part one complete

So I have finally finished the ‘peace’ part of the creative process and it is 9:30pm with still a further eight paintings to go!

So here are the final three of peace:


Watercolours, biro ink and white acrylics on cartridge paper.


Acrylics and charcoal on mono print.


Quink ink and bleach with acrylics.

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