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Digital media development LO2 part 17

part 17 of the digital media sketchbook


for this post i have decided to use another self portrait and also a mixed media piece of a train tunnel

 in my usual style the ‘difference’ tool has been used from the layers selection. the image would have been successful if the the face had not been completely hidden away especially as the effects of the background have worked nicely into the rest of the portrait.

from the difference image i then went on to use the gradient map as usual but the red completely overpowers the whole image resulting in both the background and the portrait a difficulty to make out.

 therefore here i chose a different angle for the gradient map on the ‘difference’ image by using the orange and purple tones. once again unfortunately the yellow tint added around the hair seems to take the image over and i am unable to make out the portrait.


sadly this part 17 experiment was a failed attempt.

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Digital media development LO2 part 16

here is part 16 of the sketchbook work for my digital media class. almost finished with three more posts to go.


here i have chosen two very dark images to use together. the core of a pomegranate for the background and an abstract self portrait.

  here i used the difference tool (as usual) from the layers list. the portrait is not recognisable on this and i actually find myself trying to figure out what parts go where and i already know what the image is seeing as it is my art work. the pomegranate clearly takes over and disguises the portrait.

  i then decided to change the layer option to ‘lighten’ of which brings the portrait to the front and becomes a very clear with the pomegranate adding a nice texture to the left side of the face almost replicating a leopard tattoo. much more successful than the above image.

 from the above lighten image i then used the gradient map (once again ‘as usual’) and a lovely tint of different shades of brown have been added to the piece. the portrait really stands out and the pomegranate ‘leopard’ print is very prominent but adds a lovely touch.

 i attempted the ‘lighten’ in a different gradient map tone this time with the orange and blue. very abstract and stands to attention but once again i feel the pomegranate is taking over the face and not in a subtle way which dampens my expectations for this project.

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Digital media development LO2 part 15

continuation of my digital media sketchbook part 15.


here i chose an architectural piece made using  technique and also a self abstract portrait.

 here i used the difference option within the filters selection. The development here has brought out a lovely purple shade amongst the right side of the face and displays a strong and dark demeanour.

   here i used the lighten option from the layers selection and with this one you are able to see the portrait more clearly although i do feel that it is quite bland and boring to the eye unlike the above ‘difference’ image.

   taken from the above ‘lighten’ image i developed it further by using the gradient map tool. I like the fact that i am still able to see that the portrait is prominent as well as the architectural background thanks to the lighter colours.

 this is also a gradient map image taken from the ‘lighten’ image. i find this to be the most successful of the above – it brings a vintage feel to the image because of the brown tint and also makes the image more fine art related rather than a digital image.

 Also taken from the ‘lighten’ image I used the green and blue gradient map for this creation. I am very fond of this due to the vibrant colour tones however it is unclear to make out fully that this is a portrait.

  once again taken from the ‘lighten’ image a fourth development using the gradient map tool is shown above. the portrait of this is much more prominent to the eye unlike the previous image above but for some reason i am not keep on the colour mix with orange and purple; it does not seem to stand out and the detail of the background is unclear.

 this is the second last one taken from the ‘lighten’ image and has been created using the underwater theme within the photo filter selection. with this selection you are able to recognize the portrait straight away of which is what i am aiming for within this project. the opacity of the portrait is quite low and mixes well into the background.

  last addition from the ‘lighten’ creation i then decided to play with the filter gallery. i came to the plaster technique here and the image could almost be an advertisement for a gangsta movie as the background reminds me of a busy highway thanks to the dark shadings and the eye catching portrait is strong.

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Digital media development LO2 part 6

continuation of my development sketchbook.


here is a charcoal sketch of a skull and a self portrait which in the next few images you will see to be morphed together.

  this has been used with ‘overlay’ taken from the layers option. It has given the image a gothic feel to it as the charcoal lines look like they are dark scratches across the face and the overall portrait pose looks demonic.

  gr -1      gr -2

the above images have been created using the beloved gradient map tool. Gr -1 is in a complete contrast to the gothic outcome above of the overlay example and instead has a white which glow around the portrait. I do like the abstract look around the hair completely covering the face as though to shadow the woman. Gr -2 makes the portrait look as though she is set a light in flames; a nice effect but the colours are very bright and too overpowering.

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digital media LO2 part 2

more images followed on from digital media part 1.


for this development i have combined a landscape i created when i was around 9 years old and a portrait of myself by layering the portrait on top of the landscape.

 here i used the difference tool within the layer selection. I really like how landscape has given the hair a boost instead of the black silhouette of the original portrait. The purple shading to the face helps it to stand out and makes the little houses underneath the eyes the focal point…I find it gives off a nosy neighbour story mainly because of the rows of houses with this large figure looming over them.

 this one was made with the ‘darkness’ tool within the layer selection. the portrait is more successful in this example as it is more prominent. Also the black silhouette makes the abstract design within the face the focal point and eye catching.

 here i used the colour dodge tool within the layer selection. It has given the same effect as the ‘difference’ image but has lowered the opacity as though to hide the portrait behind the trees and houses. The image is a lot brighter than the two above but shadows the portrait too much and I am only able to make out the nose and mouth.

from the above ‘colour dodge’ image i decided to expand these further by using  the gradient map tool to hopefully make the portrait more outstanding.

 gradient map 1

This has worked well with being able to make the face standout. I also like the fact that it comes across as more of a screen print rather than a digital image so it would get viewers pondering as to what medium has been used to create the image. The colours work well together however the purple sticks out like a sore thumb and would have been more presentable with a blue layering to bring the colours into unison.

 gradient map 2.

Although you are unable to see the portrait at it’s most prominent i do however like the abstract effect it has applied and the yellow and baby blue tint works perfectly together and still remains to give a screen print look.

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