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digital media LO2 part 2

more images followed on from digital media part 1.


for this development i have combined a landscape i created when i was around 9 years old and a portrait of myself by layering the portrait on top of the landscape.

 here i used the difference tool within the layer selection. I really like how landscape has given the hair a boost instead of the black silhouette of the original portrait. The purple shading to the face helps it to stand out and makes the little houses underneath the eyes the focal point…I find it gives off a nosy neighbour story mainly because of the rows of houses with this large figure looming over them.

 this one was made with the ‘darkness’ tool within the layer selection. the portrait is more successful in this example as it is more prominent. Also the black silhouette makes the abstract design within the face the focal point and eye catching.

 here i used the colour dodge tool within the layer selection. It has given the same effect as the ‘difference’ image but has lowered the opacity as though to hide the portrait behind the trees and houses. The image is a lot brighter than the two above but shadows the portrait too much and I am only able to make out the nose and mouth.

from the above ‘colour dodge’ image i decided to expand these further by using  the gradient map tool to hopefully make the portrait more outstanding.

 gradient map 1

This has worked well with being able to make the face standout. I also like the fact that it comes across as more of a screen print rather than a digital image so it would get viewers pondering as to what medium has been used to create the image. The colours work well together however the purple sticks out like a sore thumb and would have been more presentable with a blue layering to bring the colours into unison.

 gradient map 2.

Although you are unable to see the portrait at it’s most prominent i do however like the abstract effect it has applied and the yellow and baby blue tint works perfectly together and still remains to give a screen print look.

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sketchbook randoms

well i know i have been promising you little pieces i have done over the past few weeks and although it was late i have kept to my promise!

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so i hope you enjoy having a peek into my skethbook and i shall do section on my art journal soon :) yes i am allowing you to delve into my private life!!


bye for now lovelies





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