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Digital media sketchbook

So for the next few weeks I will be using my blog as a presentational sketchbook for my Digital Media class.

For this post i shall display a few examples of photoshop tutorials:

this is the image i begin with to help along with the tutorials.


for the image above i used the cutout filter to achieve the effect. You can do this by choosing Filter>Artistic>Cutout of which will then open a gallery pannel as well as change the image.

There are plenty of filters to play about with and here are a few examples:

bas relief     stamp


taken from the above cutout image i used i have now adjusted the amount of colour there is in the image. To do this select Chose image>Adjustments>Colour balance. within the tiny box displayed you have the option to change your tone balance; for this image i used midtone whilst changing the colour levels to +100, 0, -100.


you can also change the colour of the image by choosing to make the hue and saturation higher or lower. In order to successfully do this just go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/saturation. for this car image i changed the settings to -45 (hue), +55 (saturation) and +17 (lightness).



this image here was created by using two layers and the difference style. You can create an image layer by going to File>Place of which will then add the new image to layer ontop of the background image; of which i used clouds for this method. i managed to achieve my final design by using the layer styles and decided to chose the ‘difference’ effect as it gives the image a posterized look.

Text was later added. to do this just click on the add text tool and click anywhere on the photo where a text layer will appear. Once the successful image is finished i flattened my image of which merges the layers together and makes the file size smaller.

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Quick Update

Just a quick update for you all on what i am currently doing. i have recently become a friend and volunteer for Peacock Visual Arts of which is a small community printmaking gallery based in Aberdeen. if you would like to have a look at the prints they display and what is going on at the moment then just visit for more information and also for if you would like to become a member also.


i am also taking part in their Winter Exhibition later on this year in December so i am wondering whether to use a piece of art work from my course or to create something brand new. - this is the link for more information on applying for the event.

i am looking forward to going back to college next week although i have no idea how i will cope with the homework as well as working six days a week…it may result in me leaving my job for a year to focus on my studies. Along with returning to college my journal is bulging with ideas as well as my many scrapbooks i have created.

I will continue to keep you updated with any latest events and also my work :D


oooo P.S a few people have been asking why my art work on here has been displayed as a slideshow; well the answer is because of copyright.


thankyou and i hope you all have a nice day :)

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