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Another addition to the digital media inspiration front

Whilst searching through other WordPress blogs i cam across an artist with similar manipulation ideas as myself. He is called Pavel Rehurek (the link to his blog

  Summer Games

I love how this is still portrayed around portraiture but based on the dancers and how their costumes are mixing with the colour palette of their surroundings.

 Spring Flashback

now this image is definitely the kind of manipulated fine art digital piece that i am hoping to achieve for this project. You can still clearly see that their is a portrait of a lady there smothered by whats seems to be printed textiles which look as though they have been filtered with the ‘cutout’ tool.

  Library People

this image Rehurek has created is fantastically camouflaged and really gets your brain thinking as to whether is that a man standing there? do i see a backpack? It really tests the viewers mind.

  Bridge in Stanley Park

this piece has a feel of Fauvism to it and is very eye-catching with it’s bold and bright palette. The image is slightly abstract as well and i am unable to make out whether they are cars or a reflection in the far left hand corner.


his work is astonishing and if you look through his portfolio you can clearly see that his talents lay in many areas :)

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Some more inspiration for my digital media

I love this fine art piece and the surrealist feel to the trees having portraits. To me if feels like the artist was trying to depict that nature is also a living creature yet at the same time the image comes across as a creepy story that the trees in the forest are always watching.

this image has a similar eerie feeling as the above image yet soft.

i enjoy the vibrant colours of this manipulated image which looks to have been created by using multiple filter choices and layers. clearly focused around portraiture and the grooming of a man’s ritual in the twenties.

i really like the contrasting shades here of the greyscale with a dab of blue. The piece is full of emotion with the man looking sad or full of regret. The small splash of blue helps add the drama to the image which makes it that bit more effective.



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My inspirations for the digital media project

Option A: To produce a collection of digital fine art pieces – use work from another project as a starting point and scan or digitally photograph your work for input and manipulation using Photoshop software, to produce new and exciting digital artworks.

This is the option that i have chosen to take further development on for the digital media project. I have collected a few examples of artists and designers works that also specialize within manipulation of their fine art prints.


The above works by Promise Tangeman are beautiful and show that she manipulates photography and her sketch work together in order to create art as well as postcards, posters, campaigns, t-shirts, etc. Her work is based around portraiture which is vibrant and eye-catching.


the above images by Sebastian Bremer are produced similarly to Tangens’s work by manipulating photography and sketch work together; but Bremer’s work in my opinion has a more story behind his works especially with the candid photography of the man driving in his car and the child learning to swim.

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Digital media sketchbook

So for the next few weeks I will be using my blog as a presentational sketchbook for my Digital Media class.

For this post i shall display a few examples of photoshop tutorials:

this is the image i begin with to help along with the tutorials.


for the image above i used the cutout filter to achieve the effect. You can do this by choosing Filter>Artistic>Cutout of which will then open a gallery pannel as well as change the image.

There are plenty of filters to play about with and here are a few examples:

bas relief     stamp


taken from the above cutout image i used i have now adjusted the amount of colour there is in the image. To do this select Chose image>Adjustments>Colour balance. within the tiny box displayed you have the option to change your tone balance; for this image i used midtone whilst changing the colour levels to +100, 0, -100.


you can also change the colour of the image by choosing to make the hue and saturation higher or lower. In order to successfully do this just go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/saturation. for this car image i changed the settings to -45 (hue), +55 (saturation) and +17 (lightness).



this image here was created by using two layers and the difference style. You can create an image layer by going to File>Place of which will then add the new image to layer ontop of the background image; of which i used clouds for this method. i managed to achieve my final design by using the layer styles and decided to chose the ‘difference’ effect as it gives the image a posterized look.

Text was later added. to do this just click on the add text tool and click anywhere on the photo where a text layer will appear. Once the successful image is finished i flattened my image of which merges the layers together and makes the file size smaller.

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