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Digital media development LO2 part 10

continuation of the digital media sketchbook development stage.


for this i decided to take a mixed media piece to be used hopefully as the background and a self portrait.

 once again like many of  my other works throughout this project the familiar difference tool was the first to be experimented with. the balance of light and dark around the detail of the image has worked to perfection here and i love how the portrait has positioned itself to the centre of the image immediately making it the focal point.

 I then used the exclusion tool from the layers selection so that i could bring the image from the highly saturated and bright colours above in the difference image to a more mellow creation which still manages to focus on where the prominently bright colours are placed. Taken from this exclusion i worked on it further by using the gradient map tool in the below image: -

 this almost replicates a screen print and the orange/purple gradient tint work perfectly together. very vibrant and bright.

 the overlay tool taken from the layers section was chosen here. The image is very dark around the background which helps bring focus to the slightly lighter portrait but unfortunately it is too dark and shows little detail. i then took this overlay image further by using the gradient map tool to the below images: -

  gr -1        gr -2

gr -1 is very much abstract but i find the blue to be very overpowering and takes over the full image. yet i do like how the portrait overlaps the entire image i am just not keen on the lack of detail around the background structure. Gr -2 is has a similar effect as the previous image with the lack of detail but i also think that the orange takes over the overall image and well hurts my eyes (the only way i am able to describe this).

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Digital media development LO2 part 9

continuation of the digital development sketchbook.


here i thought i would experiment with mixing a rope sketch with another abstract male portrait. this post is not as extensive as the rest of the developmental posts have been for my digital media as the image sadly seems to have not been that successful apart from the below image: -

  the piece has a rough edge about it and even though the portrait was already abstract before the manipulation, the rope has helped it along by being compositioned within the middle of the contorted portrait to give it the extra abstracted appeal.

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Digital media development LO2 part 8

continuation of digital media sketchbook


for the background here is used a mixed media piece done on tinfoil and an abstract portrait in pastel.

 here the difference tool was used from the layers option and it has really brought out the colours of the portrait and made the overall image bold and attractive. The portrait somehow caters for the background and makes the outline of the broken speed camera more prominent yet i am constantly drawn to the eyes of the portrait and the vibrant colours of his face.

 working from the above difference image i chose to use the graphic pen from the sketch section of the filter gallery. Now the effect it has given is fantastic and looks to be floating in the air yet unfortunately the male portrait is hard to recognize and sadly this is against my project idea.


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Digital media development LO2 part 7

continuation to my sketchbook part 7


the image above was done as a mono print plant as was the nude. Both were later manipulated using a number of techniques.

 this image here was made using the chalk and charcoal tool within the sketch box of the filter gallery. i love the monotone shades mixed with a bright pink around the outlines of the figure.

  this was created using the difference tool of the layers selection. This is another tool that I am beginning to adore mainly because of the wonderful colours it is able to bring out in an image just like it has on here. the red and greens really stand out against the light brown shading of the backdrop to the nude making the nude the focal point.

 this is also taken from the layers section and is called ‘screen’. I have never used this layer technique before and i have to say it is basically a lighter version of the ‘multiply’ technique which is also found in the layers selection. I think this technique has worked wonderfully with the alignment of these images together. I chose to experiment with the ‘screen’ image further with gradient filter shown below.

  with this one i chose the brown tint for the gradient map tool. it gives the image an overall spooky look and i also like the fact that you are able to make out the detail of the plant yet the nude is still the focal point.

   gr -2      gr -3

both of these creations above were used with an orange and purple gradient map tint. Both images work well together and the colours do not overpower each other.

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Digital media development LO2 part 6

continuation of my development sketchbook.


here is a charcoal sketch of a skull and a self portrait which in the next few images you will see to be morphed together.

  this has been used with ‘overlay’ taken from the layers option. It has given the image a gothic feel to it as the charcoal lines look like they are dark scratches across the face and the overall portrait pose looks demonic.

  gr -1      gr -2

the above images have been created using the beloved gradient map tool. Gr -1 is in a complete contrast to the gothic outcome above of the overlay example and instead has a white which glow around the portrait. I do like the abstract look around the hair completely covering the face as though to shadow the woman. Gr -2 makes the portrait look as though she is set a light in flames; a nice effect but the colours are very bright and too overpowering.

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Digital media development LO2 part 5

continuation of the digital media developmental sketchbook.


here i chose a mixed media piece based on tear drops and a portrait I made of an African dancer.

 for all of the following images i played around with the layer tools. I used multiply for this one and it creates a nice texture around the face but unfortunately is too dark and are unable to see the beautiful bright blues of the tears.

  I then used vivid light from the layers options to brighten it up slightly from the above multiply image. It is slightly over saturated and highly contrasted but i am still able to see the face as well as the over-sized teardrops; only problem is the background is very dark and gives the image a gloomy feeling.

 i then used the difference tool from the layers options and out of all three developments this has been the most successful. The image is full of colour and the portrait has merged nicely into the large teardrops giving a slightly abstract look to it.

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Digital media LO2 development part 4

part four of my continuation with the development of the digital media project.


for this I chose the flowers for the background and a nude portrait to become the main image.

 now this was created by using the exclusion tool from the layers option. It has given the image a ghostly effect and the flowers almost replicate curtains covering up the nude as though to privatize her body.

I then took this ‘exclusion’ picture further by using gradient map filter to hopefully give the image a more artistic flare.

  gr -1      gr -2

Now the above images have been created using the same gradient tint of orange and purple. Gr -1 is slightly more abstract and the nude is not as noticeable because with the textures of the flowers and the use of a bright orange it looks as though you are staring at a nicely lit fire in a grande fireplace. Gr -2 however i feel has worked more successfully; the image has a darker quality around the nude figure so it is more prominent to a viewers eye yet it still has the depiction of fire due to the petals of the flowers.

  here i took a different approach from the original paintings and used the difference tool of the layers selection. The detail of this piece is more noticeable and is strong on both the flower and the female form; also the dark colours against the light purples and blues of her figure gives a nice contrast.

 gr -1     gr -2

 gr -3

once again I used the gradient map tool (I am becoming very fond of this tool) to manipulate the ‘difference’ image further and all three developments from this have turned out perfect.

gr -1:- the nude almost looks like damaged goods due to the effects of the different shades of yellow like a sculpture that is falling apart.

gr -2:- the contrast of cool and warm colours work beautifully together and give a dark and mysterious look to the female nude laying down.

gr -3:- out of the three I think this one is the most successful because of the strong and bright colours. The fact that the background is lighter then the subject matter helps to make the nude portrait the focal point of which is what i was aiming for throughout this project.

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Digital media LO2 development part 3

Just a continuation of the previous development process for my digital media project.


Here I chose a background image of a ruined interior made using glue and acrylics on an apron surface which then has the portrait layered on top.

 from the layers list i chose the ‘difference’ option and the result came back quite futuristic as the furniture has morphed into the portraits facial features seems almost robotic. The shading is quite dark but are still able to have the number of colours stand out.

 also from the layers list i chose ‘colour burn’. This unfortunately was not so successful; the furniture has morphed into portrait and shaped it well but to another viewers eye they would not be able to make out that there are additional objects surrounding the image.

For the next images to be shown below I decided to only manipulated the furniture. Not part of the original subject matter but there is nothing wrong with a little experimentation I suppose: -

 this has been transformed using the gradient map tool with a blue and yellow tint. It helps make the image more abstract and the yellow is quite overpowering therefore stands to attention.

 taken from the filter gallery ‘graphic pen’ tool taken from the sketch options. I really like the old style red colouring the graphic pen tool created and the detail of the burnt furniture has helped to give a rustic feel to this.

Once all of my developments have been uploaded I shall revisit the works I made and develop them further if i feel i could improve them more.

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digital media LO2 part 2

more images followed on from digital media part 1.


for this development i have combined a landscape i created when i was around 9 years old and a portrait of myself by layering the portrait on top of the landscape.

 here i used the difference tool within the layer selection. I really like how landscape has given the hair a boost instead of the black silhouette of the original portrait. The purple shading to the face helps it to stand out and makes the little houses underneath the eyes the focal point…I find it gives off a nosy neighbour story mainly because of the rows of houses with this large figure looming over them.

 this one was made with the ‘darkness’ tool within the layer selection. the portrait is more successful in this example as it is more prominent. Also the black silhouette makes the abstract design within the face the focal point and eye catching.

 here i used the colour dodge tool within the layer selection. It has given the same effect as the ‘difference’ image but has lowered the opacity as though to hide the portrait behind the trees and houses. The image is a lot brighter than the two above but shadows the portrait too much and I am only able to make out the nose and mouth.

from the above ‘colour dodge’ image i decided to expand these further by using  the gradient map tool to hopefully make the portrait more outstanding.

 gradient map 1

This has worked well with being able to make the face standout. I also like the fact that it comes across as more of a screen print rather than a digital image so it would get viewers pondering as to what medium has been used to create the image. The colours work well together however the purple sticks out like a sore thumb and would have been more presentable with a blue layering to bring the colours into unison.

 gradient map 2.

Although you are unable to see the portrait at it’s most prominent i do however like the abstract effect it has applied and the yellow and baby blue tint works perfectly together and still remains to give a screen print look.

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Digital Media development LO2 part 1

taken from the previous post ( here are the collection taken into the development stage.


firstly i chose the above image to use as a backdrop and created a new layer to place the portrait opposite on top.

   i then used the layer styles available within the layers box and chose difference for the above image. I also played about with other styles as well such as the ‘multiply’ style and the ‘vivid light’ style also taken from the layers box.

 this is the multiply styled version. A lot darker than the difference and the background comes across as the skin texture as it merges into the portrait.

i developed the above multiply image further by using the gradient map filter which can be accessed via Image>Adjustments>Gradient map.

 gradient map 1.

I really like how much lighter this brown and white tint from the gradient map has transformed the original ‘multiply’ image shown above. It has also given the image a vintage 1940′s poster feel as well.

 gradient map 2.

The orange and blue gradient tint of the ‘multiply’ image has become abstract yet still looks like a poster with a vintage touch because of the blending between the portraits head against the background. The reason i say it looks abstract is because it is hard to make out the mouth and nose and overall shape of the face…without the distinctive glasses the image would be almost impossible to make out as a portrait.

 gradient map 3.

I personally loved this when i first created it yet now i feel it is not as strong as the previous works above. I feel it the brightness it too overpowering and despite the glasses it is very much hard to make out that the overall image is supposed to be a portrait.

 this is the vivid light technique that i experimented with from the layers selection and gives a highly contrasted result as well as being bright. Only problem is that you can not fully see the background details within the face unlike the previous works shown above therefore making the image look unfinished and bland.

 lastly for this work i only used the painted portrait and managed to manipulate this by using the plaster technique with the layers of which are accessed via Filter>Filter gallery>Sketch>Plaster. As you can see it has an almost glass painted effect and has a slight gradient tint to the image of which you are able to choose via the light option that shows up once you have selected ‘plaster’. The light can be changed in all different directions via this light option.

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