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Pam Glew

Born in 1978, Pam Glew is a contemporary artist who is best known for her unique bleaching technique on national flags. She uses dye and bleach to deconstruct and distress vintage materials in her own breed of painting.

Heavily inspired by film, her strong cinematic paintings often reference contemporary culture with portraits of contemporary faces and the artist herself. By painting directly onto vintage textiles with bleach and dye, the artist plays with our notion of culture of heritage, a sense of belonging, or estrangement from our countries. Personal experience is referenced in the works, including motherhood in the edition series ‘Out of the Water’.

Vintage flags, brocade and antique American quilts provide a unique surface to paint on. By dyeing the fabric black and painting freehand with bleach, the portrait slowly develops in the painting process. The fabric is bleached many times to create contrast and the material is washed each time to remove the chemicals. The result is a ghostly timeless image, which emerges from the cloth.

Glew has exhibited in numerous urban, traditional and site-specific exhibitions, alongside such artists as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Peter Blake. As a British artist she has shown widely in the UK and showcased in Paris, Amsterdam, LA, Korea, Cologne, Dallas and Sydney in 100 group exhibitions and 6 major solo shows. Previous solo exhibitions include Beautiful & Damned London, 2011, Circus London, 2010 and Luminaries Sydney, 2010. Her work continues to be collected by art buyers worldwide and commissioned by large brands and individuals.

Pam continues to exhibit in numerous charity exhibitions and supports causes including Teenage Cancer Trust, Big Issue and MTV Staying Alive Foundation. She has produced commissions for brands including Armani, Ralph Lauren and Mitsubishi Bank. Collaborations include Terry O’Neill and Bill Wyman’s documentary photography of the Rolling Stones.

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Developmental Drawing Project part 1

Just a tiny post to fill you all in with what I am currently undertaking at the moment.

I have started a developmental drawing project where I will use a range of different surfaces and drawing mediums to eventually create a final piece. For this I have to use four objects which can be in a complete contrast to one another; so eventually I had decided to use the following:-

organic – shell

contemporary – a voodoo statue

historical – an owl engraved pocket watch

manufactured – well I’m still undecided about this unfortunately.

Now to start off obviously I wanted to create a range of sketches where i explore what mediums work best together and also work best on different types of surfaces. I decided to use my first object for these little experiments – the shell – and created a nifty fifty sketches.

Not all of them are my best quality but I suppose they were an experiment worth researching and now I know myself to not use some of them ideas again! I have created a slideshow of these and to view a more in depth explanation about each one you can always view my facebook page at

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Environment: Swamps part 1

For this mixed media project I had chosen the environment of wetland swamps. This part one is to show you a selection of sketches I had worked through in order to just give me a general idea of what mediums work brilliantly together and what mediums are better left on their own!

 sketch 1 – this is a venus flytrap using oil pastels. A medium used on it’s own that never fails to please me.

  sketch 2 – this sketch is of the marsh marigold using water based felt pens. Now I am slightly disappointed by this as usually when I used felt pens by themselves they tend to brighten up the image and add a slight Fauvism feel; sadly this has failed and maybe a different subject choice would have been more appropriate.

 now this is what I discovered on the back of the above sketch of the marigold and this is so much better! This has the bright, happy feeling that I normally get from using felt pens. I shall certainly progress this further (without writing on the back).

  sketch 3 – this is the Okovango Delta Swamp using Indian coloured inks. I find this to be quite a hard medium to use on its own – I usually have a tendency to mix some white acrylic and biro with this.

  sketch 4 – this is also the Okovango Delta Swamp created using biro and Indian coloured ink. Now you can never go wrong with biro and ink; the medium also helps to create a dark and dreary atmosphere to pieces. Now the white marks that you can see have been caused by the excessive rubbings of my finger work…all I wanted to do was smudge the biro but instead I took thin layers of paper away from the page!

 sketch 5 – water lily pads using quink ink and bleach. This is one of my Favorite mediums to use especially once used with biro (biro is a savior… if the image looks like it may fail just whip the biro out!).

  sketch 6 – freshwater stingray using oil pastels and quink ink/bleach. Unfortunately the oil pastels (as well as wax crayons) had soaked up the quink ink that by the time I layered on the bleach there really was no point!

  sketch 7 – a jiburu stork using an acrylic base and then quink ink/bleach. I have mixed feelings for this – should I have left it like this or should I have used biro for a speck of detail? It is quite a unique and illustrated piece.

  sketch 8 – now this is the same technique as above but using Indian oil colours as a base instead. I was hoping that once the bleach had been applied on the bushes that they would be a bright green/blue! This is the Lignum swamp of Australia.

  sketch 9 – an ariel view of the Everglades swamp using a collage surface with tissue paper. This technique has worked brilliantly once I had added the oil pastel and white acrylic spotted around the tissue paper.

  sketch 10 – this is the yellow anaconda scale detail created by collage surface and hand paper towel. I used quink ink and bleach on the hand towel to create that crinkled and ribbed snake texture; black and white acrylic were used on the collage surfaces.

 sketch 11 – same idea as above but the collage surface was created with brown paper.

  sketch 12 – the Canadian pond weed using oil pastels on acrylic base. I had created this by using the scrafito technique which always works between oil pastels/wax crayons and acrylics. The colours are vibrant and I could possibly take this technique onto further developments.

  sketch 13 – fiddler crab claw using acrylics, biro and quink ink/bleach on brown paper. A more painted affect rather than a mixed media effect but nevertheless this has worked quite nicely.

  sketch 14 – the Everglades swamp in Florida using coloured inks, quink ink/bleach, white acrylic and biro on tissue paper. Using all of these techniques together would never work with cartridge paper or any other for that matter as the bleach and ink would soak everything up; however, within this experiment it has destroyed the tissue paper (which I was slightly expecting) yet it has somehow worked. It has a collaged feel to the image without even being a collage!

  sketch 15 -  waterlily pad under the swamp of Okavango Delta made by coloured inks, felt pen, quink ink/bleach, oil pastels and marker pen.

I think I have produced enough rough sketches to help me progress to creating more refined developments.

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Creative process update


Acrylics and charcoal on screen print.


Quink ink and bleach, acrylics on pink card.


Watercolours and acrylics on newspaper.

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a little more to my sketchbook randoms

continuing from my previous post I am adding a few more images from my sketchbook randoms all for your viewing pleasures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

enjoy everyone :)


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