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Quick Update

Just a quick update for you all on what i am currently doing. i have recently become a friend and volunteer for Peacock Visual Arts of which is a small community printmaking gallery based in Aberdeen. if you would like to have a look at the prints they display and what is going on at the moment then just visit for more information and also for if you would like to become a member also.


i am also taking part in their Winter Exhibition later on this year in December so i am wondering whether to use a piece of art work from my course or to create something brand new. - this is the link for more information on applying for the event.

i am looking forward to going back to college next week although i have no idea how i will cope with the homework as well as working six days a week…it may result in me leaving my job for a year to focus on my studies. Along with returning to college my journal is bulging with ideas as well as my many scrapbooks i have created.

I will continue to keep you updated with any latest events and also my work :D


oooo P.S a few people have been asking why my art work on here has been displayed as a slideshow; well the answer is because of copyright.


thankyou and i hope you all have a nice day :)

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artist statement and market update

hello hello yes i realize i have not been around for over a month but i have my excuses!! i have been busy getting ready for college and also starting up the craft fair :)



above is the poster for the fair where i shall be showcasing my ‘duff house and it’s surroundings’ photographs as well as my paintings. i will also have my sketchbooks on display so people can feel free to look through and ask questions if interested in a commission. if their are any people reading this who are from Aberdeen or situated in Aberdeenshire please feel free to come and see not only my work but also other beautiful stalls.


i have also created an artists statement for the fair:




Cassandra Margaret Wilkinson, the founder of LittleMissArtyFarty, is an Aberdeenshire based artist and fine art photographer. Her artwork is created through enjoyment of the world’s nature around her of which are reflected into her photography work.

Her paintings as well as her photography are full of colour and very vibrant working from both life and still images. Miss Wilkinson enjoys using a variety of colour as she believes the world is a bright and beautiful place and with more colours brings more happiness. Her inspiration comes from the Fauvism art movement and based several of her early works on Henri Matisse style of minimalistic paintings and outstanding colour choices. Other artists that Miss Wilkinson find inspiring are Andy Warhol, Egon Schiele, Salvador Dali, Emily Winfield Martin, Martin Parr, Kat Von D, Caravaggio and Bernini; but it is not just visual artists that inspire this young artist, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and vintage lifestyle has also inspired her work.

Depending on the heavy workload of her artwork and the medium Miss Wilkinson decides on using a finished piece could be created in a matter of several hours up to a month. The artist carries around an artist journal and notes down her initial ideas and any inspirations; Miss Wilkinson would then develop this more by creating a sketchbook full of drawings and paintings, written notes and also experiments photo’s and paintings together until satisfied with the final idea. Oils and watercolours are her favourites because of how the colours smoothly blend together. Acrylic is also a favourite for its thick layers and boldness.

In the later future Miss Wilkinson would like to own a studio for LittleMissArtyFarty and also produce a magazine.


that is all for today and tomorrow i shall be pricing all of the work :) i’m so excited and nervous at the same time eeeeeekkk!!

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